TWINS LINUS & LEON – Kinky Twincest made in Germany

I’m Leon and no, you’re not drunken. Yes, my brother and I are identical twins, yes, we are both gay, yes, we are both kinky and to answer your biggest question: Yes, you can also have fun with both of us at the same time! … Hasn’t that been the question you’ve asked yourself right now?

My brother and I are both students, and we love to work as escort to have the money students normally don’t have. It is fun to satisfy play partners, and even more if the action is kinky.

You can book every one of us alone, but you can also get a real special experience by having a hot and filthy session or more with two identical twins! Are you up for?

Year of Birth1993
LanguagesDE / EN / fr
Height1.76 m
Weight66 kg
Dick18 cm uncut
Body Hairsmooth
Body Modsnone

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